In 1999, wine appasionate Gennaro Di Maggio and Tiziana
Teodoro, caress the idea of producing a red wine deeply
marked by colours and parfumes of Monti Picentini territory,
seeking along the way to print those with personal experiences
and passion.

In this adventure, Gennaro Di Maggio decides to embark also
his foodness of graphic art, as he is convinced of the absolute
necessity of a cultural added value to accompany a quality wine.

Tiziana summons her many-year professional sommelier
experience and her big passion for gastronomy to serve the projet.
As a result she seeks a wine capable to stand as a good fellow
of Italian gastronomy. That’s why she has chosen Aglianico for its
decided structure and freshness and Merlot for its fruit and softness,
in the wine-making process to achieve their common goal.